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Brown Water Got You Down?

You turned on the tap expecting crystal clear water and…muddy, brown water was what you were given. This is certainly a shocking experience - but most of the time, not a dangerous one. Most likely the cause is simply a build up of minerals or corroded pipes. Hot or Cold? Brown Water All Around Now


Broken Breaker Solutions

Nothing is as frustrating as your breaker tripping and shutting off the game in the last 30 seconds of overtime. And if this happens regularly, it is not only frustrating but potentially dangerous. But don’t worry - start by turning off all your appliances and following Titan’s simple solutions for complex problems to help restore


Run Out Of Detergent? Dish Soap is Not the Answer

If you weren’t planning a bubble bath in your kitchen — you were probably a bit surprised when your dishwasher started spewing bubbles. Whether it was your mistake (we won’t tell!), or a well-meaning bystander — Titan Plumbing has got you covered. Follow the steps below and you’ll have a working dishwasher in no time.