Tampa Commercial Plumbing Services

Whether it's a water heater installation for a church or a plumbing system for an apartment complex, Titan Plumbing and Electric is your 'go-to' commercial plumbing repair company in Tampa.

If you're a commercial property owner, you won't need a professional plumber every day. However, when disaster strikes, such as a failed water heater or toilet overflow, it's good to know you have a company like Titan Plumbing and Electric and their 25 years experience to help.

If your water heater can't keep up with your demands, check out our tankless water heaters and see how you can benefit.

What to Look for in a Commercial Plumber

Having a reliable commercial plumber to count on is essential for the business or property owner because when you have tenants or customers, the plumbing problem becomes magnified. To ensure you get the best plumber for the job, check out these tips:

  • Experience: As with anything, the more experience a company has, the better off you'll be. Look for a company with a long track record of providing high-quality service, and don't be afraid to ask for references.
  • Licensing and Insurance: It's crucial to hire a company that's licensed and insured. Being licensed and insured by the state means they have met specific standards to serve the people in your area.
  • Reviews: Don't hesitate to check out online reviews, but be aware that those can be faked. Besides reading reviews, ask friends and other business owners who they recommend.
  • Qualifications: Commercial plumbing jobs require specific skills to ensure jobs are up to code, which is why it's important to hire a company with certifications to show they know what they're doing.
  • Customer Service: What kind of customer service does the company offer? Will they stand behind the work and make it right if something is wrong?

Our Commercial Water Heater Service

The heart of any commercial property's plumbing is the water heater. No hot water means unhappy customers or tenants. Our commercial water heater service not only provides for regular maintenance to ensure your water heater lasts as long as possible and runs efficiently, we also are ready to install a new system if yours fails. To prevent water heater failure, watch out for cloudy or rust-colored water and water that doesn't get as hot as it used to. Call us for help when you notice these symptoms to avoid catastrophic industrial water heater failure.

The last thing a commercial property owner needs is a clogged toilet. Call us for expert clogged toilet repair!

Why Hire Us?

Here in Tampa, FL, we know there are many commercial plumbing contractors from which to choose, but we think you'll like what we have to offer including:

  • 24/7 emergency service
  • Over 25 years of experience
  • All work is 100% guaranteed
  • We only send out techs we'd send to our grandmother's house

Don't trust your commercial plumbing project to just anyone. Trust it to Titan Plumbing and Electric. Call today at 813-933-8010.