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Lights Out but Circuit Breaker Not Tripped?

When you can’t figure out why some of your lights are out, dim, or flickering, it can be annoying and maybe even dangerous. If you checked your circuit breaker and are still in the dark, then there are a few other steps you can take before calling the professionals.

Lights Out but Circuit Breaker Not Tripped

Problems You Might Solve by Yourself

Loose Connections - If only one or a few of your lights are acting up, then you may just need to tighten the connection of a misbehaving bulb or purchase a replacement if the fault is in the lights’ filaments. Alternatively, the wiring or outlets that connect power sources and outputs could have become loose. This might be solved by simply tightening the right screws.

GFCI Tripped - Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters are the wall sockets that look like any other outlet except for the inclusion of ‘TEST’ and ‘RESET’ buttons. They are normally installed in areas of higher moisture and are meant to protect from electrocution. However, they could have gotten tripped, just like a circuit breaker. If you press and hold ‘TEST’ and do not hear a click, then you should press ‘RESET’.

When to Call Professionals

If none of the above ideas do the trick, it may be time to call in the experts. Remember! Handling electricity can be dangerous; fatal even. If you notice fluctuations or flickering in your lights, especially after you activate a large appliance, then you should try to get an electrician’s help right away. The voltage of your house is likely inconstant, and the root cause of that could come from any number of hidden issues.

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