Tampa Electric Vehicle Charging Station

Imagine how convenient it is to have a vehicle charging station at home. Make that a reality by calling Titan Plumbing and Electric today!

Having an electric vehicle saves money on gas and is a great way to protect the environment. However, charging station options are still limited. You can ensure your electric vehicle is always ready to go by installing a charging station at home. Call Titan Plumbing and Electric to find out how easy and economical these stations are to install.

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Benefits of a Home EV Charging Station

Electric vehicles are becoming more popular, which is excellent news for consumers and the environment. However, even with that popularity, there still aren’t enough charging stations available, especially in rural areas and smaller towns. While you can plug your vehicle into a home outlet, that doesn’t give you the fast charging you might want. The best solution is to install a vehicle charging station at home. Here are the main benefits of doing that.

  • EV charging stations provide level 2 charging, which means you get fast charging that can fill your vehicle in a few hours.
  • An EV charger at home is more convenient and ensures your vehicle is always ready to go in the morning.
  • Home EV chargers are less expensive to use than public charging stations, some of which charge by the hour.

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Expert Tips
- Joe Ferrantegennaro
As an expert in Electric Vehicle Charging Stations, here's a pro-tip for you: When using our services in Tampa, FL, always make sure to plan your charging sessions ahead of time. Just like you would plan your fuel stops for a long road trip, it's essential to know where and when you'll need to charge your electric vehicle. This way, you can avoid any unnecessary delays or range anxiety. Stay charged up and enjoy the smooth ride!
- Joe Ferrantegennaro

How Long Does It Take to Charge an Electric Vehicle?

Many people are attracted to electric vehicles because they don’t use gasoline or diesel fuel to power their engines, which is better for the environment. However, charging a vehicle isn’t as quick as stopping at a gas station to fill up, and you have to be aware of your power supply every time you go out lest you run out. Depending on the charging station and the vehicle’s battery size, it could take 8-10 hours to ‘fill-up’ on a 230 V outlet. For best results, consider a home charging station, which can cut the charge time in half.

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How Much Does a Home EV Charging Station Cost?

While an electric vehicle charging station at home is a great convenience and can save money versus charging at public spots, getting the right charger is essential to maximize your results. There are two main chargers, Level 1 and Level 2. Your vehicle likely came with a Level 1 charger, which has less power than Level 2. The more power your charging station generates, the quicker your vehicle charges. While the cost of installation varies, a typical Level 1 charging station costs about half that of a Level 2 charging station. It’s best to have a professional electrician install your home EV charging station, so call us to find out more.

If you have an electric vehicle, you owe it to yourself to get a home charging station. Call Titan Plumbing and Electric in Tampa, FL, to find out more at 813-933-8010.