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Why Does My Smoke Detector Chirp?

Smoke detectors are an essential part of home safety, but their shrill sound when they go off can be annoying – especially when it's not even an emergency. Unfortunately, when smoke detectors start to chirp, it can be a sign you need to replace the batteries or something else. There are two types of smoke


Gas Tankless Water Heater Maintenance Tips

Are you looking for an energy-efficient, cost-effective, and reliable water heating solution for your home? Gas tankless water heaters offer an attractive option due to their higher efficiency and longer lifespans. Regular maintenance is the key to maximizing the life of your gas tankless water heater. Here are some tips to help you keep your


Are GFCI Outlets Required in Bathrooms?

Are you about to have a new bathroom installed or remodeled? You need to know if GFCI outlets are required in the bathroom. Since 1975, many cities in the United States have adopted electrical codes that require ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) outlets in bathrooms. Read on to find out more about their use and