Tampa Backflow Testing & Repair

Are you sure the drinking water coming into your home is safe? Find out with our backflow services today!

The safety of your drinking water is imperative to the health of you and your family. However, if you experienced a sudden change in water pressure, it could affect the quality of the water coming into the house. At Titan Plumbing and Electric, please rest assured that the water you drink and cook with is safe. Call us today for an appointment.

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What Is Backflow Testing?

Your home’s water stays at a standard pressure so it can move from one part of the house to another. However, if you have a sudden change in the water pressure because of freezing or water main, contaminated water can enter the system. While backflow prevention devices can help, they sometimes fail, which is why it’s essential to have professional testing to ensure the safety of your drinking water.

Expert Tips
- Joe Ferrantegennaro
As an expert in Backflow Testing and Certification, I highly recommend scheduling regular inspections to ensure the safety of your water supply in Tampa, FL. Just like you would maintain your car to prevent breakdowns, regular backflow testing helps identify potential issues before they become major problems. By investing in this service, you can protect your family and community from contaminated water, ensuring a healthier environment for everyone. Don't wait for an emergency; prioritize backflow testing and certification for peace of mind.
- Joe Ferrantegennaro

How to Prevent Backflow

The best way to prevent backflow is by calling a backflow testing company for annual inspection so they can detect any contamination in your water supply. Also, professional plumbers can install devices in your water system that allows the direction of water flowing one way. If the flow reverses, the device stops contaminated water from getting into the system. Ask your plumber about devices such as hose bibs and pressure vacuum breakers to guard your family against contaminated water.

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Is Your Water Contaminated?

Now that you know how water becomes contaminated through backflow and changes in water pressure. Let’s look at the signs telling you that there’s a problem.

  • Water that is discolored, such as brown, yellow, or even pink are signs you have contaminated water.
  • If your water has an odor of sulfur, it could be contaminated.
  • If you’ve experienced water flow issues such as changing pressure or interruption of service, it’s wise to check for contamination.
  • If you see particles of rust or sediment in the water, call for testing right away.
  • If you notice slow drains or corresponding increases and decreases in water levels through the house, it could be a sign of trouble.

If you notice any of the above signs or if your water tastes different than before, call Titan Plumbing and Electric and ask about our backflow testing service to make sure you’re getting the safest water to drink.

Don’t leave the safety of your water to chance! Call Titan Plumbing and Electric today at 813-933-8010.