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Brown Water Got You Down?

You turned on the tap expecting crystal clear water and…muddy, brown water was what you were given. This is certainly a shocking experience - but most of the time, not a dangerous one. Most likely the cause is simply a build up of minerals or corroded pipes.

Brown Water Got You Down

Hot or Cold?

Brown Water All Around

Now if ALL water is rust colored, there could be two possible problems. Either the city had a water break or your pipes are corroded.

  1. Call your water company. Talk to your neighbors. The first step is determining whether the issue is city-wide or isolated.
  2. If the issue is isolated and you are in the Tampa area, call our experienced plumbers to come assess the situation quickly at 813-933-8010.

Hot Water Discoloration

If only your hot water is already tea-colored, then the culprit is most likely your water heater. A build up of minerals or sediment in your water heater is one of the leading causes of brown water.

  1. Flush your water tank.
  2. After ensuring all the sediment is out, wait 15-20 minutes to let the water heat up then check the hot water. If it’s still brown, there may be other issues.

Cold Water Discoloration

If only your cold water is discolored, then a specific pipe may be giving out.

  1. Run the affected pipe at full gush for a few minutes. This could clear the build up of rust and solve the issue.
  2. Check to see if the water runs clear. If the issue persists you will need to replace the pipe.

Water is still brown!!

If your faucet is still misbehaving after trying our solutions - the issue could be more serious. Unfortunately, this issue is both unsightly and if prolonged, could lead to serious damage. Your best bet is to call in an expert (that’s us!) to diagnose this issue and we will have your taps running clear in no time!

When people need a plumbing job done right the first time, the plumbing company Tampa residents have relied on since 1994 is Titan Plumbing and Electric. Call us today at 813-933-8010.