Tampa Water Line Repair

If you have low water pressure or discolored water, it may be a problem with the main water line. Call Titan Plumbing and Electric to find out for sure!

If you have a leak or burst in your main water line, it can cause significant damage to your property if not repaired in time. Not only can you experience water inside the home, but your foundation could become damaged too. At Titan Plumbing and Electric, we’re experts at getting to the root of the problem and fixing it as quickly as possible to prevent damage to your property. If you suspect a main water line leak, call us now for service in Tampa, FL.

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Signs You Have a Water Line Leak

A leak in your main water line can weaken property causing it to crumble, and the longer a water line leak goes without repair, the worse the damage gets. Here are signs there is a leak in the main water line and that you must call for help.

  • Water bubbling up in the street
  • Overly lush or wet areas in your lawn
  • Puddles in the house
  • Wet spots around toilets, sinks, and tubs
  • Damp drywall
  • Unexplained high water bill
  • Reduced water pressure
  • Foundation cracks
  • Sound of water bubbling or gurgling from sinks and drains
  • Sewage odor in the home

If you notice any of the above signs, call us for an inspection right away.

What Causes Water Line Leaks?

Both residential and commercial properties rely on main water lines to bring water into the building. Like any piece of plumbing, the main water line is prone to leaks too. The most common reason why leaks develop in main water lines is age. Pipes put down over 50 years ago are in danger of corrosion and leaks depending on the material used. Also, some pipes leak because of earth shifting underneath them, which causes sagging. Lastly, if you experience sudden shifts in water pressure, it could put stress on the line causing it to fail.

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How to Prevent Frozen Pipes

Cold temperatures cause thousands of dollars in damage when pipes freeze then burst, causing water to leak into the home. You can prevent pipes from breaking by preventing freezing. Here are some tips to keep your pipes warm in winter.

  • Keep the heat on if you’re going to be away from home for an extended period.
  • Let faucets drip to keep water flowing.
  • Keep cabinet doors open to allow heat to keep pipes warm.
  • Seal gaps around holes where pipes come in through the floor or wall to stop cold air from getting in.
  • Use heating tape to keep pipes insulated.
  • Add extra insulation in the basement and attic.

If you want an expert’s help on keeping your pipes from freezing, call Titan Plumbing and Electric for help.

If you suspect a main water line leak, getting it repaired quickly is key to preventing damage. Tampa, FL, residents rely on Titan Plumbing and Electric for main water line repair and installation. Call today at 813-933-8010.