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It's Time For You to Quickly Stop Your Running Toilet!!!

It's Time For You to Quickly Stop Your Running Toilet!!!

Fix a Running Toilet Quickly

Most people have heard the joke. You call a plumber and he asks if your toilet is running. When you reply in the affirmative, he advises you to catch it! As amusing as that is, there’s more truth and sincerity intended than you might think. Running toilets can cause numerous problems if ignored for too long.

While it might not seem to do any harm, you’ll likely think otherwise the next time you get your water bill. Running toilets can cost you a lot in extra water charges. Any leak that runs all day, every day, is bound to add up. If you catch this issue and are able to get toilet repair services, you have the potential of saving yourself a lot of money every month.

Common Reasons for Running Toilets

reasons behind running toiletsRunning toilet tanks are a common household issue. Like any piece of hardware, the pieces inside your toilet tank have a lifespan. After enough use, the pieces inside wear out and need replacing. Thankfully, replacement isn’t difficult and catching the problem early enough can save you hundreds of dollars.

In order to troubleshoot your running toilet, you’ll need to check inside the tank of your toilet. All toilets have a plastic or rubber ring that lifts to allow water to fill the bowl when it’s flushed.

This same ring seals up the tank and prevents water from flowing into the bowl. Most often, this ring has become stiff and cracked, allowing water to run into the toilet bowl unheeded. The plunger, an arm that pulls up the stopper, could also be broken and cause a running toilet.

How to Fix Running Toilets

To fix your running toilet, you’ll need to determine which piece is allowing the water to drain into your bowl. If it’s the stopper or the plunger, you’ll need to replace the part entirely. You won’t need to get a new toilet tank, simply a new piece to put inside it. While it’s not incredibly expensive to fix, it will take some time.

fixing running toilets

To make it as easy as possible, you’ll want to drain the water out of your toilet tank so you can easily access the plunger or stopper. Do this by shutting off the water and flushing several times, so the water from the tank can drain out.

Once free of most standing water, you’ll be able to access the stopper, pull out the old one and install your new one. A new stopper should permanently fix the leak for years to come, and prevent a running toilet.

Preventing Running Toilets

preventing running toiletsIf you want to prevent running toilets for as long as possible, basic maintenance is essential. One reason that causes plungers and stoppers to cease working as effectively is minerals in the water. Hard water is an especially problematic cause.

A plumber will be needed to help you diagnose how best to implement maintenance for your specific location, but as a general rule, clean out your toilet tank regularly. Once a month is usually enough, but if you have particularly hard or mineral-heavy water, cleaning every other week is best (along with considering installing a water softener).

Another way to prevent running toilets is by changing parts before they start deteriorating. If it’s been ten years since the last replacement parts were installed, it’s a good time to install new ones.

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