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Broken Breaker Solutions

Nothing is as frustrating as your breaker tripping and shutting off the game in the last 30 seconds of overtime. And if this happens regularly, it is not only frustrating but potentially dangerous. But don’t worry - start by turning off all your appliances and following Titan’s simple solutions for complex problems to help restore your power quickly.

Why Did My Breaker Break?

Broken Breaker Solutions

A Circuit Overload: Ok so maybe you had the hair blow dryer, TV and microwave going all at once. Your system may have simply been pushed too hard leading it to automatically blow the breaker. Try to reduce the number of appliances running at once to avoid this problem in the future - it could lead to electrical damage or even a fire.

A Short Circuit: Most people have heard of a short circuit but not many know what it really means. This occurs when a live or “hot wire” touches a neutral wire in your electrical system. This leads to an automatic shutoff to prevent a fire.

A Ground-Fault: A ground-fault is similar to a short circuit but instead occurs when a live wire and a ground wire simultaneously touch the metal box that surrounds them. This will repeatedly trip the breaker until the issue is fixed.

How Do I Fix It?

  1. Turn everything off. And we really do mean everything. If one of your devices does not have an on/off button, unplug it immediately. This step is essential because when you reset the breaker, the sudden surge of power could be detrimental to your electronics.
  2. Locate your breaker, a gray metal box generally located inside your home, and switch all the breakers to the “on” position.
  3. Test it by turning your appliances back on.

If you are still in the dark and in the Tampa area - give our electrical experts Titan Plumbing and Electric a call at 813-933-8010.