New Tampa 24 Hour Plumbing Services

Whether it’s a clogged drain or an overflowing toilet, sometimes you can’t wait for an appointment. Call Titan Plumbing and Electric when you need a reliable 24-hour plumber.

At Titan Plumbing and Electric, we know that sometimes plumbing problems pop up at the worst times like holidays and weekends. We’re committed to being there for you when you need us most with our 24 hour emergency plumbing repair service in New Tampa. Put our name in your contact list and remember to call when you’re in a plumbing pickle.

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If Your Water Heater Does This, It Could Be Failing!

No one wants to wake up in the morning wanting a hot shower only to find you have nothing but ice-cold water because the water heater failed. Or worse, how about a flooded floor because the tank rusted through. Most people don’t give a second thought to their water heaters until disaster strikes, but get to know these warning signs so you can call a professional plumber for repair or replacement before your water heater completely fails.

  • Strange sounds like banging coming from the tank
  • Water that tastes metallic
  • Water that’s cloudy or rust-colored
  • You don’t get as much hot water as you used to get
  • Water is warm but never hot

If you notice any of the above signs, don’t ignore them. Call a professional plumber for an inspection.

Our Emergency Plumbing Services

No one likes to think about having to call for emergency plumbing repair, but things happen, sometimes, the problem is too complex to fix yourself, or you just can’t wait for an appointment. Here are the most common reasons residents call for emergency help.

  • Burst pipes
  • Frozen pipes
  • Clogged/overflowing toilet
  • Low water pressure
  • Water heater failure
  • Clogged drain repair
  • Sump pump failure
  • Water leaks

Our technicians are standing by 24/7, ready to help you when you need them most.

Don’t put off that project any longer. Contact us today.

Why You Need Professional Drain Cleaning

When most people experience clogged drains, they turn to remedies such as plungers or chemical drain cleaning solutions. However, sometimes those don’t solve the problem, and the clog returns later. Also, chemical drain cleaners can damage some older pipes causing them to burst. Professional drain cleaning from your local residential plumber is wise because it gets deep into your system to remove obstructions other methods can’t reach. Also, professional drain cleaning is safer for your pipes than chemicals and leaves them cleaner longer. Find out how economical our drain cleaning service is by calling today.

At Titan Plumbing and Electric, we’ll be there when you need help in a plumbing emergency. Call us today at 813-933-8010 for service in New Tampa, FL.