Lake Magdalene Emergency Electrician

There isn’t an electrical problem we can’t solve. Call Titan Plumbing and Electric when you need residential electrical repair!

Your home relies on electric power to keep you comfortable and to run your appliances. When there’s an outage or short circuit, call the team at Titan Plumbing and Electric to fix the problem and ensure your Lake Magdalene home’s electrical system runs smoothly and safely.

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Do You Need Electrical Outlet Repair?

It’s easy to overlook your home’s outlets even though you rely on them everyday. Most people don’t think about outlets until they stop working; however, you should be on the lookout for these signs that your outlets are in bad shape and need replacement.

  • Burn Marks: Blemishes on the face of the outlet is a red flag you don’t want to ignore because they indicate there’s sparking and short-circuiting.
  • Cracks or Chips: Outlets that are cracked can allow debris to get in and build up, which can cause an electric arc or fire.
  • Loose Plugs: Loose fitting plugs aren’t just an annoyance, they’re a hazard because they can cause sparking and electrical arcing, both of which are serious problems.
  • Outlets Are Hot: If the outlet feels hot, it indicates faulty wiring inside, which is a fire potential.
  • Outlets Aren’t Grounded: If you have the older two-pronged outlets, they’re not grounded. You need to upgrade to three-pronged outlets and GFCI outlets in places where electricity and water are present.

Please don’t ignore these outlet issues. Call Titan Plumbing and Electric to ensure the safety of your family today.

Are Home Generators Worth It?

Many people don’t think installing a home standby generator is worth the expense, but consider what benefits you get to having one. The main benefit is that you have peace of mind that you can live as usual during a blackout. Food won’t spoil, your appliances still run, and your heating and cooling still work. Also, having a home generator helps guard against damage to your electronic devices from power surges when the electricity comes back on. If you’re still on the fence about a home generator, call Titan Plumbing and Electric to find out if it’s right for you.

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When to Call an Emergency Electrician

When it comes to electricity in the home, every problem is a potential emergency. That’s why you need a reliable residential electrician you can call on to help to make sure the issue is fixed the right way and that you and your family are safe. Call us if you experience:

  • Power outage
  • Power surges
  • Sags or dips in power
  • Flickering lights
  • Sparking outlets
  • Hot outlets
  • Frequent breaker trips

Please don’t take matters into your own hands during an electrical emergency. Call the pros at Titan Plumbing and Electric and let us handle it.

Whether it’s an outlet upgrade or an emergency generator installation, call on Titan Plumbing and Electric for all of your residential electrical problems. Call now at 813-933-8010 for service in Lake Magdalene.