Land O’ Lakes 24 Hour Plumber

Broken pipes in the middle of the night? That’s no problem for Titan Plumbing and Electric and our emergency plumbing repair service!

Sometimes, you have a plumbing problem that requires immediate attention, and when that happens, you can rely on the experts at Titan Plumbing and Electric for 24-hour plumbing service. Remember the name Titan Plumbing and Electric and call when you need help in Land O’ Lakes, FL.

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When You Need a 24 Hour Plumber

Taking care of a customer’s plumbing problem is our job, and while we hope you never need us in an emergency, we’re standing by ready to help. Here are the most common household plumbing emergencies we encounter:

  • Overflowing Toilet: An overflowing toilet is enough to cause panic because it can lead to water damage and the backup of waste into your home.
  • Clogged Sinks: A clogged sink might not seem like an emergency, but when plungers or chemicals can’t fix the problem, it’s time to call a pro.
  • No Hot Water: Losing hot water can ruin your day, so if your water heater has died, call a plumber with experience in water heater installation.
  • Burst Pipes: Pipe freezing isn’t the only cause of burst pipes, sometimes corrosion or mineral buildup are the culprits. You must call for help the minute you see water leaking to minimize property damage.

How to Avoid Water Heater Failure

Waking up to no hot water isn’t a good way to start the day, nor is coming home to a flood because your water heater is leaking. Fortunately, most water heaters give plenty of warning signs telling you they’re about to fail and that you need to call a plumber for repair or replacement. Watch out for:

  • Unusual banging or thudding sounds coming from inside the tank
  • Water that looks cloudy or rusty
  • Water that tastes metallic
  • Water that takes too long to get hot or doesn’t ever get hot
  • Water leaking

The average water heater lasts about 15 years, and after that, it’s time to think about a replacement.

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Don’t Ignore Clogged Drains

When was the last time you had your drains cleaned by a pro? Probably never. However, preventative maintenance, like professional drain cleaning is the best way to avoid significant clogs and damaged pipes. Here are four benefits to hiring a pro to clean your drains.

  • Minimize Clogs: Routine drain cleaning prevents the buildup of junk that leads to significant clogs, which protects your plumbing.
  • Remove Odors: Do your drains stink? If so, professional cleaning gets rid of the organic material that’s causing the smell.
  • Protects Your Health: Did you know that bacteria grows in drains, and it can lead to health problems? Just a minute amount of waste matter in your home can have harmful effects.
  • Save Money: It’s difficult to get severely clogged drains thoroughly clean with plungers or chemicals, which means the clog returns. Professional drain cleaning leaves your pipes like new.

Don’t panic when you have a plumbing emergency! Rely on the professionals at Titan Plumbing and Electric for emergency plumbing repair day or night. Call 813-933-8010 for service in Land O’ Lakes, FL.