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Run Out Of Detergent? Dish Soap is Not the Answer

If you weren’t planning a bubble bath in your kitchen — you were probably a bit surprised when your dishwasher started spewing bubbles.

Run Out Of Detergent? Dish Soap is Not the Answer

Whether it was your mistake (we won’t tell!), or a well-meaning bystander — Titan Plumbing has got you covered. Follow the steps below and you’ll have a working dishwasher in no time.

Dish Soap Cleans the Dishes — But You’ll Have to Clean the Dishwasher

Stop. Cancel. Halt. Whatever your button says, end that cycle! The sooner the better. The longer you let it run, the higher the chance there is of the dish soap corroding the internal gears. This should tell your dishwasher to start draining the excess water. If this doesn't happen, give our experts a call 813-933-8010 and one will be there ASAP!

Here are some things to do to help deal with the dishwasher if you already started the cycle.

  1. Pull out the old mop and get to scrubbing! Bonus: Dish soap may not work as detergent but it does make your floors squeaky clean!
  2. Open that washer up and pull out all the dishes. You may be enticed to simply put them away…but please give them a good rinse. Dish soap cleans, but it does not taste good.
  3. Now here is the fun part. If you have a spraying nozzle on your sink - rinse out the dishwasher until all the bubbles are gone *Moaning Myrtle Voice*. If you don’t have a sprayer, you’ll have to pull out a pot or pan and start rinsing.
  4. Finally, run a rinse cycle or two to ensure that the last of the suds are taken care of.

Why Would Dish Soap Do This?

You may be wondering why this happened in the first place. Surprisingly, regular dish detergent isn’t sudsy. It does not create bubbles. Dish soap does. But at least now you have a fun party anecdote.

Whatever your plumbing needs are in Hillsborough County, Pinellas County and South Pasco County, Titan Plumbing and Electric is here to help. If this didn’t solve your problem, or you have another one give us a call at 813-933-8010 and our experts will get you taken care of in no time.