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Red, Green, Blue? What The Wires Mean To You.

Ok, maybe you never really needed to know what the color of wires means except for setting up the TV. But you should know what the electrical wires in your walls do. And Titan Plumbing and Electric is here to help.

Red, Green, Blue? What The Wires Mean To You

De-Coding the Wires

These wires have standards created in the 1940s, meaning that the color corresponds to a specific function. And if you are attempting to fix an electrical problem yourself (which can be dangerous and we do not recommend it), you should know what each wire does like the back of your hand.

Red Electrical Wires

While all wires can be “live” (ie. have an electrical current), red and black wires are almost always live. Most often, if your smoke detectors are hardwired, red wires connect them to your home's power system.

Red wires can be connected to other red wires or black wires.

Yellow or Blue Electrical Wires

Unlike red and Black wires, these wires carry power through a conduit. For example, they often connect to light switches, ceiling fans, etc.

Green Electrical Wires

Green wires (not unlike yoga moms) are all about grounding. They function as a way to expel excess power in case of emergency. While green wires are generally not live, if you have a fault in your power system (which you probably do if you decided to mess with your wires in the first place), they will likely have some power flowing so always take caution. If you are unsure and want a professional take a look, call 813-933-8010 and have one of our expert Titan electricians safely examine your wires.

Green wires can only connect to other green wires.

White or Grey Electrical Wires

These wires are neutral, and connect to a conductive piece of metal that distributes power throughout your home. They may be called neutral but be warned they can carry a charge.

These wires can only connect to other grey or white wires.

Black Electrical Wires

Simultaneously the most important and the most dangerous to deal with, black wires should be considered live at all times. They transfer your power between different electrical systems and power outlets in all types of circuits.

Please use this info carefully, and enlist one of our professionals here at Titan Plumbing and Electric if you are at all unsure of your problem or solution. We are always here to help! Call 813-933-8010 to schedule an appointment today!

*Note: If your home or apartment was built BEFORE 1940 and your wires have not been updated since - do not use this guide. And please, update those wires as soon as possible.